Achievements of IMF

  1. IMF as an Association is called to represent Industry viewpoint by Ministry of Shipping, DG Shipping and Ministry of External Affairs.
  2. IMF is certified ISO 9001:2015  by IRS
  3. DG Shipping approved IMF for Facilitation Centre  for  issuing COP see circular NT/ENGG. 03/2016
  4. IMF Director representative was a apart of Indian Delegation to Iran in June 2016 to resolve Seafarers issue stranded there.
  5. IMF Review on CIP related to MTIs was accepted by DG.
  6. IMF has taken up various issues with DG Shipping pertaining to anomalies in Audit by IRS for RPS companies, M.S RPSL Rules 2016 , adverse business and scam by Non approved RPSL companies, Improvisation in COC examination system, Visa issues for Indian Seafarers, Issuance of Indian CDC to applicants basis 5 STCW 2010 certs etc.
  7. IMF Chairman visited Turkey and met ITF Reps. Discussed issues related to Indian Seafarers and today's Scenario.
  8. IMF has presented a study report of impact of new CDC Rules  in Shipping Industry and also suggestions on  on RPSL Audit checklist.
  9. IMF Directors Met Crew Branch Dr Kirtane and IRS Shri Arora and rectified IRS RPS audit requirements to reflect the Reality of the Manning environment
  10. IMF biggest Achievement is E Migrant system in in force.

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